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Fri, 15 May 2015 11:15:53 +0000 Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper is one of the few launch titles that the Wii U had. The game is a re-release of the Warriors Orochi 3 originally from the Playstation 3 and the XBOX 360. How does Hyper weigh in with the original game? Let’s find out.

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Warriors Orochi 3 is a game created by Tecmo Koei and is part of their Warriors series of games, which include the main Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games, but is radically different in terms of its story. You see, the main Warriors games take historical figures and put them in a modernized looking world while still trying their best to maintain historical accuracy, like the places that the battles take place and the figures within that battle. The Dynasty Warriors games uses Chinese history while the Samurai Warriors games uses Japanese history, but for the Warriors Orochi games, they are mixed into one huge battlefield in an epic battle between good and evil. The Warriors Orochi games also throw out historical accuracy and puts in mystical beings, time travel, and even monsters in the bunch. Warriors Orochi 3’s story is about an evil Hydra that destroys the world, but with the power of a mystical being, 3 of the generals that fought the Hydra (each of them from a different faction) are sent back in time to try and prevent the Hydra from destroying the world. Their main idea is to gather all of the great warriors and generals and to set aside their differences to save the world. Seems pretty radical, right? That’s because it is, and it makes the game very good. But that’s just the game itself working its magic. What does Hyper bring to the table as a re-release?

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For the graphics, this game is somewhere between okay and bad. The characters on screen look nice and the effects are pretty good. The animations for each character’s moves are pretty smooth. The main gripe I have about the game is the frame drops and the pop-ins. I can take a few frame drops, but the game will just keep throwing the frame drops out, especially if there’s too much stuff happening on screen at once. The pop-in problem is also pretty bad. Some enemies will just suddenly disappear from the screen, and a second later, will pop back in. Many times you would think you’d be running over to an enemy and try to hit it, only to find it disappeared and will reappear somewhere close. It’s the signs of a bad port, and the sign that they didn’t really put in too much effort to study up on the hardware they were porting the game to. I can understand though, as it would take more time and money to make a port of a game to a whole new different architecture, but maybe next time, they should at least try to make it decent.

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The music is what you would expect from a Warriors game, intense rock music for the battlefield as you kill hundreds of minions and soothing music in the hub as you buy stuff and talk to other generals. Each and every track that plays on the battlefield will always fit the mood of the fight. Though not all of the tracks will be music that’ll get stuck on your head, it’s still great music. A sound test option is available from the very start which is cool.

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The gameplay remains the same as the original Orochi Warriors 3 game, except for the addition of 4 characters and an all new Duel Mode. The mode of the game is story mode, which will take you to progress through the main story of the game and unlock characters and battles. Free mode is a mode that removes the cutscenes, which makes it quicker to level up your characters or increase their bonds, but it will not progress the main story. Both Story and Free mode starts the player off in a main hub where the player can buy weapons, increase bonds through a tea party, or talk to a network assistant to help you go online to play with friends. Players will choose 3 warriors from a selection of over a hundred characters (only a few will be available in the beginning, and players will unlock them as they progress through the Story mode), and take them out to battle. The 3 characters can be switched at any time during a battle by pressing a single button. The core battle mechanics is the same as the other Warriors games. Mash an attack button, occasionally press a stronger attack button, kill thousands of peons. Each character has a health bar and a musou bar, which can be used to perform more powerful attacks. A battle will be finished when the objectives are completed. A battle will be lost if the player fails to complete the main objective, and will have to start the battle again unless an interim save was made, which is a save in the middle of battle that can be loaded later to continue from the exact same spot that save was made.

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Since Hyper is for the Wii U, the main feature of the game is the Off TV play, which is nice if someone is using the TV. If you can use the TV for playing the game, the gamepad display can be changed into a game map, which is very unimaginative. The touch screen is completely unused in battle, but is used in the hub if you are playing on a TV. The touch screen acts as a shortcut to the weapon shop, the battlegrounds, the network assistant, and the tea shop. That’s pretty much it for the single player experience. Where the Gamepad really shines is in the multiplayer game. Orochi Warriors 3 Hyper lets another player join in using either a Wii Classic Controller or a Wii U Pro Controller, and each player can have a screen of their own, one using the TV, and one using the Gamepad. The Warriors games usually offer 2 player mode, but will have to use a split screen, which is okay, but sometimes annoying as you only get half a screen. This brings cooperation to the table even better as you will be talking to your partner to find out where he is or where he is going, instead of just looking at their half of the screen. Players may also opt to still play using the split screen, but why would anyone want that?

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Duel Mode adds a whole new way to play the game. I, personally, have been craving for a mode that will let me pit my characters against 3 other characters of another player’s choosing. It’s a fun idea, and adds a bit more competition to game instead of just counting the number of KO’s you can get in co-op mode. The buttons stay the same, and players can still switch between the 3 characters chosen, but an additional Card system is added, where players can choose 4 cards, each with varying effects to help out your team (like adding more attack or becoming invulnerable for a few seconds). Cards can help turn a dire situation into a victory if used correctly.

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The replay value of Orochi Warriors 3 is pretty decent, as there are a lot of items to unlock, as well as a few optional characters. Duel Mode also adds a lot of replay value to the game as you can play with friends over and over using different combinations of generals and cards to find a perfect match for your style of play. Also, getting each and every one of your over one hundred generals to the max level can serve as a challenge, and can increase the replay value of the game.

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Concluding this review, I’d like to say that I enjoyed this game from start to finish. I can’t say how much one person can enjoy this game alone, as I played it mostly with a friend, and had so much fun that we’d be playing for more than 3 hours and not even notice it. I have played the game alone a few times, and it was okay and fun, but getting a friend in on the fun is the best way to play any Warriors game, but don’t let that stop you from having a good time alone with this game. The graphics is a big let down though, and could’ve really been better. I would have liked to ignore it, but it’s pretty hard when it’s noticeable in almost every second of the game. The all new Duel Mode is a very interesting and fun addition to the game, and can keep you and a friend busy for quite a while. Getting this game is quite a risk for some, as Warriors games aren’t really for everyone (some people can’t stand the Warriors series). But, if you’ve enjoyed any of the previous Warriors games and have a Wii U (which is a pretty unlikely combination), then Orochi Warriors 3 is a fine addition to you collection and can help you through the drought of games the console is experiencing.

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ZombiU Review Viagra information online
Mon, 11 May 2015 07:56:18 +0000 ZombiU is an exclusive launch title for the Wii U and is the first of the few Ubisoft titles that will come to the console. The game has generated a bit of hype before launch, and was also shown to have a lot of promise as the developers listened to the audience that demoed the game, and changed the game a bit according to feedback. Once the game launched though, it had a mixed reception, with people saying that it would have been a great game if it added a few more things, and with some other people that it’s a great game with a few flaws. I have played the game, and am here to give you my opinion about it. Is it bad? Is it okay? Maybe it was even good?

ZombiU is a survival horror game with a first person view gameplay set in a post apocalyptic London, overrun by zombies. The game puts you into the shoes of a random survivor that is saved by a voice from a few speakers scattered around the place. The player follows the voice into a little safe house with supplies and a rest area. This is where everything begins. The player is given instructions by the voice, who introduces himself as “The Prepper” and gives the player a device to help you survive the streets of London. Following the instructions given to you will move the story forward. The game’s story is pretty okay for a survival horror game, but it can get a bit boring as you go on since it is just basically a fetch quest game  with guns, much like Resident Evil.

The graphics of the game is what you’d expect from a Wii U game, not too bad, but definitely could have been better, but that’s to be expected since this is a launch title, and a lot of the Wii U’s power remains untapped at the time. In any case, the game runs smoothly on the Wii U, and looks pretty good with its 720p resolution. The game’s atmosphere was created pretty well, matching the tone of the game and its gameplay. The character are kind of boring though, as the characters are generic looking since the game gives you a random character everytime. The zombies were created nicely, scary and bloody, just the way I like my zombies.

The music of the game is okay, to say the least. It’s pretty decent, but really, you don’t get too much since this is a survival horror game, so most of the time, just like other games, you just hear your footsteps unless some action happens onscreen or there is some drama happening. Overall, the music is, like I said, okay, but it won’t be music that you’ll be remembering after you put down your controller and stop playing.

The gameplay is where ZombiU really shines, and is also where it kind of falters. To some people, the game is boring because the game employs a much slower paced combat, unlinke the Resident Evil series or the Dead Rising series of zombie games where you can mow down hordes of zombies without having to worry too much since in these games, you are much more powerful than zombies (they can still kill you, but zombies in these games are pretty weak and would take a lot of them to actually beat you.) The zombies here take a few hits before they die, but takes less hits if you hit weak spots, like the heads. The catch is, bullets are scarce. I have never played through the game with more than 30 bullets in my inventory. Also, shooting zombies isn’t very ideal unless a horde is coming after you. Being quiet is actually the way to go since zombies can’t really detect you if you’re stealthy. If you get surrounded, you might as well say goodbye to your current survivor, because all it takes for a zombie to kill you is one bite. This game takes survival really seriously. Keep quiet to survive. Save your resources to survive. Check your map to survive. Another unique feature of the game is the death system. If your survivor dies, he/she turns into a zombie, and you are given another survivor to use. The story continues where your last survivor left off, but all of your items will remain with the previous survivor-turned-zombie. You can go back to where your previous survivor died, and you’d probably find yourself there. Killing him/her and looting the corpse will give you all of your previous items. If your console is connected online, you may also find the survivors-turned-zombies of other players around London. The game also revolves around the use of the Wii U gamepad, which acts like a smart tablet for your player that displays your map and your inventory, and also includes a scanner which can be used to scan a ton of stuff, like doors to find out if they’re locked, or corpses to find out if they have items. During normal gameplay, the gamepad will show your map and will give you a button which you can press to ping the map and find enemies on the map. The gamepad also shows a tab, which if dragged down will show you your inventory. Managing your inventory, as well as looting and picking up items, will make your survivor vulnerable to any attack since the game will show you a third person view of your survivor on the TV either looking at the contents of the backpack or looting corpses or whatever your survivor is doing, and you’ll be forced to quickly do everything you need to do on the gamepad to be able to use your weapons again, which is a very unique and realistic approach to the genre, which makes the game even more exciting. Scanning also works this way. The combat can get a bit boring once you’ve beaten a zombie to death with your cricket bat around 50 times. Like I mentioned, bullets and supplies are really scarce, so most of the time, you’ll be using your melee weapon to kill zombies, and will usually take 4 to 5 hits before they die. It becomes a tedious and tiresome chore after a few zombies, and really drags down the scary atmosphere of the game.

ZombiU’s replay value isn’t really that much aside from the local multiplayer mode. The game’s story can be finished in less than 24 hours with minimal to moderate side questing (exploration, item searching), and don’t really have to be re-played since there aren’t really any bonuses for it. The multiplayer mode is actually pretty fun if played with a friend, but is limited to only 2 players, one playing on the gamepad, and another playing with either a Wiimote with a nunchuck or a Wii U Pro Controller. The multiplayer mode is an arena type game where the gamepad user is the arena master that lets loose zombies, while the player on the TV tries to survive as long as he or she can. It’s fun, but doesn’t really carry the replay value of the game too much.

In conclusion, I really liked the game, and is a great addition to anyone’s Wii U library, but after finishing the game, my copy was never pulled out again. I enjoyed the game while I played it, but never felt hooked enough to play the game more after I finished it. The gameplay is pretty good, and my favorite part is the game’s realistic approach to the survival genre, but is really dragged down by the combat. Despite all of its flaws though, I would still recommend this game for those that are looking for a good Wii U game to play.

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Project Spartan is now Microsoft Edge and other news from Microsoft’s Build Conference Fri, 08 May 2015 01:26:16 +0000 Microsoft recently wrapped up their Build developer’s conference and what we learned has as much to do with consumers as it does with developers. One notable aspect is the official naming of the Microsoft Edge browser, which had been known as Project Spartan. Personally I would have been fully on board with keeping it called Project Spartan, but Microsoft Edge will work too. There wasn’t too much new features discussed about edge, though the new tab page actually stood out quite a bit. The new tab page shown at the conference had more than the usual standard of most frequented sites of a plain search bar; it had that and more. The example page features popular sites, news and weather feed, recommended apps and updated sports scores, all in browser and without sending you to a different website.

One of the most promising revelations of the conference was how easy it would be to get Windows 10 running on practically everything. Two things make this possible, Continuum and Windows IoT (Internet of Things) version. Continuum is a program that senses what device you’re using and how you are using it and adapts the user experience to work the best whatever the situation. For phones this means you can use the live tile format as much as you want and if you dock your phone to any combination of screen, mouse or keyboard then your phone will adapt to that by presenting a more classic desktop form. For items like the surface tablet this translates to a seamless transition from using the snap on type cover to using it as a tablet. The Continuum program isn’t entirely behind the scenes, it seems like you can have control over many of the features. It’s possible that those who use the giant notepad style phones might opt for a permanent desktop style, and they will/should be able to with Continuum. Microsoft’s other feature is Windows IoT version which is a super lightweight OS for smaller devices like the popular Raspberry Pi 2. This support can allow the popular cheap PCs to greatly expand their already impressive utility.

After covering that Windows 10 aspires to run on anything, the next aspect of the conference detailed how Windows will expand its app store to populate those devices with popular apps. A problem with the Window’s app store is that it has been unpopular to develop apps for and it has been easier for developers to focus on apple or android app development. Rather than forcing a change, Microsoft has simply made it ridiculously easy for developers to port over code from a variety of different services to convert apple and android apps to Windows 10. This means that it is an easy step for a developer to take any existing or future app and easily repost it on the Window’s store. Microsoft also released development software for IOS which will allow apple users access to Windows powerful development tools. Similar to the Continuum feature, Window’s app development allows for easy universalization of apps, allowing them to fit and format themselves to work better on a variety of devices from phones to Xboxes.

Speaking of Xbox, Windows allowed some hands on experimentation with the Xbox WiFi streaming feature which allows streaming the video feed from the Xbox through any PC with Windows 10 on the same network. Early reports mentioned little to no lag and an easy and enjoyable experience. For PC gaming, a tech demo of DirectX 12 was released which showcased absolutely amazing and extremely lifelike visuals; from photorealistic eyes and hair to perfectly dynamic shadows. For those with the knowledge to understand the significance of this: many of the shots in the demo featured 8k by 8k textures, absolutely incredible compared to previous capabilities.

Microsoft revealed a lot of other details during the conference; some were stunning like the new HoloLense augmented reality device, and some were just support we can look forward to, like inclusion of integrated 3D printer software for Windows 10. The HoloLense looks to be an extremely promising wearable tech that combines the utility of Google Glass with the amazement of VR devices like the Oculus Rift. Plus, It isn’t awkwardly heavy and you can actually see the real world while using it. The HoloLense is still in development but expect more details and coverage of it soon. Overall the theme of the conference was excitement, rather than the apprehension and uncertainty prior to Window’s 8. Microsoft really seems to be on the right track with Windows 10, the only real thing missing from the conference was information on new Windows 10 flagship devices.

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Black Ops 3 Preview Wed, 06 May 2015 17:41:11 +0000 IMG_0955

The Call of Duty franchise started out mired in the gritty warfare that occurred in the trenches of World War II. Gamers were getting frustrated with this so the developers shifted from that to better scenarios including present and even future warfare. The Black Ops series started out in the present and then morphed into future warfare with its sequel. Now the folks over at Treyarch and Activision are preparing to unleash the future of warfare in Black Ops 3.

This instalment of the new franchise goes years into the future taking place in 2060. These battlefields are not only home to some of the most cutting edge technology and weapons but also the best asset has to be it’s soldiers. These soldiers are not your typical garden variety grunts instead they are advanced machines of destruction. Infused with cybernetics and even hidden weaponry this is going to be a future where soldiers will truly win wars.

Right now not much is known of the plot but what we do know is that you can play the game either solo or via four player co-op. This has to be a first for this series as you could not play the single player campaign without help from anyone. Also the levels are more wide and spread out so you can figure out a way to progress through a level on one play through and then go a completely different route on another. This encourages players to not only replay the single player campaigns but you might find a quicker way to progress through the level instead of just plodding along on a set path.


Multiplayer is also going through a complete overhaul as well as you can select from nine different specialists at the beginning of each match. Each of these specialists has a set of weapons and abilities that will increase with each kill within the match. WE know of four characters that give you a choice in play style as you can play as Outrider (armed with a bow and explosive arrows and able to see through walls), Ruin (who has gravity spikes and a overdrive ability), Seraph (armed with a mean looking handgun that can take out multiple foes in one hit) and Reaper (a robot that has an arm that can transform into a mini-gun). You can also customize your character’s appearance with different heads and bodies (but these are just for aesthetics and nothing else).

Zombies mode is also going to be making a comeback but as of now that is all we know. We have no idea how it is going to be played or if it will be the same as Black Ops or Black Ops 2. Activision has said that all the modes are going to be heavily revamped so we will just have to wait and see. There is one thing that we know and we finally has a release date for this game as it is coming out on November 6th, 2015.

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5 Free Horror games you may not have heard of, but are really good when you are “In the mood” for a good fright-night Fri, 01 May 2015 21:59:50 +0000 After the success of horror games like Amnesia – The Dark Descent, Slender, and P.T. (short for “Playable Teaser”), horror games have started coming up more than ever. The lucky have have caught the attention of the audience, So, from our expertise we bring you 5 Free Horror games you may not have heard of, but are really good when you are “In the mood” for a good fright-night:

DADIU_Team2_March_2011_Frontpage+• 1916 – Der unbekannte krieg •

The most famous game on this list, 1916 – Der unbekannte krieg takes the topic from an old historical event (world wars always were the main motive for many games), and adds originality in it by making it a horror game in the trenches. For an unknown reason, all your comrades have died on their positions, and it is up to you to escape by finding the ladder to the constantly bombed battlefield, avoiding whatever might have been dug up from the dephts of the battlefield. The game is entirely in black and white fashion (and in german while playing it), and you are vulnerable more than ever. The rifles you find are not of much use against the monsters, so runing and hiding is your best hope for survival.


17297_bwzsdkuy+• Bewilder House •

A puzzle-horror game, Bewilder House doesn’t reveal too much about its story when you play it. While you wander through the rooms of this weird carnival, all you know is that something (or someone) got you into this place in order to play with your life, and that your only goal is to escape. In its current form (still in development), the game itself will play with your mind and concentration → Changing terrain and walls behind your back, with creepy serial-killer clowns that move towards you when you are not looking at them. The fact that you need to follow specific instructions in order to escape the room, makes you end up feeling lost, questioning if any hope exists to get out of the mess you’re in.






dfdfdf+• The Following •

The Following is a creepy game, giving greatest effects when played in the dark. Your objective is to get 8 chairs before Layla catches you. The game is very weakly lit, which makes traversing its map hard and finging the chairs very hard at times, aspecially since everything that is far away appears blurred out. You are being constantly followed by Layla, and there is almost no way of knowing if she is near you or not. A false sense of security is something the game can often lead you into, making it a tense and panic-inducing experience.







• No Escape 27542_kvrgurxr+

Even though it is still in development, No Escape is a well made game with random events that make it filled with weirdness and jump-scares. Gameplay mechanics are smooth and welcoming (like in Amnesia). Going through dark halls and investigating rooms in order to find those damn batteries for your dying flashlight will play well with your nerves. The only way to find out anything is by going through notes that were left behind and by finding the key to the exit. No matter how many times you play it, it is hard to predict where needed objects are hidden – or to predict if something bad is going to happen to you or not. In its current form it does not have an ending, which can make your spend a good amount of time going through randomly generated levels, making it live up to its name.

52709 52710





Banner_VANISH_Win• Vanish •

Last but not least. The game offers a lot to the player and the quality of the gameplay. For not much known reasons, you are thrown into the deepest parts of the sewers, finding out something about the story only in the notes that were left behind by the ones that went there before you. Since it is also randomly generated and a hell of a trickster, you are pretty much left to pick your favorite tunnel and just hope for the best. Tunnels look different when you go back through them and by the noises you hear you realise you are not alone in this place. The game can sometimes be cruel and notoriously hard on the player, but by reports of some players it does have an ending. Keeping a cool head is hard – though it is mandatory if you want to survive and the game usually turns into a frantic chase through the dark in one way or another.

VANISH_WaterPumps VANISH_TunnelEntry





That’s it for now :)    Salutations to all you horror and non-horror fans, have a good time with the games on our list *\ ^-^ /*        And always keep in mind that You, out of so many people, are the one who can get to enjoy these obscure gems all for yourself.

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Bayonetta 2 Review Tue, 28 Apr 2015 23:40:50 +0000 I’m going to be honest with everyone reading this right now, Bayonetta 2 is the number 1 reason my Wii U is sitting under my TV in my living room. I really love Nintendo and have bought Nintendo consoles up to the Wii, but when they announced the Wii U, I wasn’t really enticed, and was really willing to skip Nintendo this generation. Then, before the release of the console, BAM, they announce this little gem and it was EXCLUSIVELY for the Wii U. I loved the first Bayonetta and the first Devil May Cry games (up to DMC 4), which was largely directed and created by Hideki Kamiya, so when Bayonetta 2 was announced, whatever console it was going to be on, I’ll be there. Not to worry though, I will not let my love for this game tarnish this review, and I’ll try my best to give my most unbiased review for it.

Bayonetta 2 was announced on the 23rd of September 2012 Nintendo Direct with a short trailer showing Bayonetta fighting a mysterious masked Lumen Sage, then closing out with a Wii U logo, adding that the game will be a Wii U exclusive game. The trailer was met with a lot of negative feedback because of the game being a Wii U exclusive, but news would later come out that the game was earlier planned to be a multiplatform game, much like the first game, but was almost scrapped due to a tight budget, until Nintendo came and funded the project but with a catch, the sequel will be a Wii U exclusive. Despite this, the game does solidly well on the platform, even if the platform is much more underpowered compared to its competitors. Bayonetta 2 would later be given a September 2014 release date for Japan and October 2014 for the rest of the world. A few months before the game was released, Nintendo announced that buyers of Bayonetta 2 will also receive a copy of the first Bayonetta in the form of a separate disc packaged with the Bayonetta 2 for free. For the digital copies, though, the 2 games can be bought separately, but if one game is bought, a discount will be applied to the other one, which would result in getting both games for the same retail price of the physical copies (which was $59.99).

Bayonetta 2’s gameplay remains almost unchanged, but that’s not to say it’s a bad thing. The action hack and slash genre isn’t really supposed to change too much, but to say that this game isn’t better that the first game is a lie. Everything that was good about the first game was made even better in the sequel, and it wouldn’t even be a stretch to say that this game plays and looks better than most of the other action games released at the time. You play as Bayonetta, an Umbran Witch with a blurry past, so blurry that even she doesn’t know much about it. Though she has regained most of her memories, many mysteries about her still remain unsolved, and has been put in the backburner as she just tries to live her life normally (normal for an Umbran Witch, at least), until she gets dragged into a chaotic mess as she was preparing for her Christmas celebrations. Everything goes pretty fast from here on, but not too fast that will leave players confused as to what is happening. I’ll try to avoid spoilers as much as I can. The story is chopped into different chapters that can be replayed if you’ve missed some stuff or just want to grind and collect more of the game’s currency, Halos. Every chapter is divided into different parts that will have you either exploring the area to find the next area, solving a puzzle to move on to the next area, or fighting enemies to move on to the next area. You keep moving on until the end of the chapter which will usually have you fight a boss. Bayonetta’s main power is Witch Time, which is a move that will put everything around Bayonetta in a state of slow motion giving her a tactical advantage over enemies as she can bombard them with her weapons while in this state. The game will also sometimes throw the player into something different, like racing for your life on a motorcycle while shooting the angels that are trying to stop you. Nintendo also added their own little touch to both Bayonetta games by adding Nintendo themed costumes for Bayonetta like The Hero of Time, which is a Link costume from the Legend of Zelda, and Princess Peach from the Super Mario Series.

Online play is also available in the form of Tag Climax. This mode takes Bayonetta and any characters you have unlocked during your story mode gameplay online. Tag Climax is divided into different scenarios like a few hordes of enemies or boss battles, and can be played with either a friend, a stranger online, or with an AI partner. This mode is also a good way to increase a player’s halos since players can opt to bet halos. The winner is determined by the player’s scores after a scenario, and halos are awarded to the winner. Unlocked costumes and weapons can also be used in this mode.

The visual aspects of the game are just phenomenal. Unsurprisingly, the development team took the first game’s graphics up a notch, but not too much since the platform they were creating the game for was clearly not up to par with the other consoles. The game runs smoothly with 60 frames per second and is very pretty in its 1080p resolution. There were little to virtually zero hiccups even when there’s plenty of stuff happening on screen. All of the animations were done excellently well. Watching Bayonetta create chaos and destroy both angels and demons is almost as fun as playing the actual game. There are different areas of the game that were modeled after real places of the world, like Noatun, which is the main city in the game, was modeled after cities from Italy and Belgium. The details on everything in this game are just astounding.

The game’s music is almost the same style as that of the first game where for a main theme, they remix an old song, like Moon River for the first game. For Bayonetta 2, the main theme is a remixed version of Fly me to the Moon. The music is very upbeat and is just right for the type of game that Bayonetta 2 is. The biggest difference of the music from the first game is that Bayonetta 2’s music is dynamic, and will change beats depending on the action on the screen, in short, more action, more upbeat music. The voiceovers can be changed via the settings menu in the beginning of the game and can be switched between English and Japanese voices. The voice acting is on point, and even the enemy voices are all well created.

Bayonetta 2’s controls are smooth and responsive. The first game was already a great game in terms of controls, but they’ve made it even tighter and better on the second game. Dodges are now smoother and can be transitioned from almost every attack. Never have my game moved differently than from what I’ve pressed on my controller. Changing from one form to another is smoothly and easily done by double pressing a button. Controls are tight even on different terrain, but it does get a bit wonky when underwater and using the snake form, but not too much that you won’t know what you’re doing. Combo-ing one move to another is pretty easy and feels (and looks) very natural, and becomes so much fun as you finish off enemies with those long combos. Witch Time can extend your combos even longer, and can be done much more easily that in the first game. Witch Time can be done by dodging an enemy’s attack at the right time, but compared to the first game, the small window of time triggering Witch Time has been increased, so the timing of dodging isn’t really as tight as it used to be, making the dodging much more rewarding than being a hit-or-miss move. Another addition to the game is Umbran Climax, which is essentially the equivalent of the Devil Trigger from the Devil May Cry series. Bayonetta now has a bar under her HP bar that will fill up by attacking enemies. Once the bar is filled, Bayonetta can choose to either use it for Torture Attacks, attacks that instantly kills weak enemies with a cool torture animation, or the Umbran Climax, which gives Bayonetta’s attacks a huge boost in attack power and in range. Using Umbran Climax at the right time can obliterate almost all of the enemies on screen in a matter of seconds. For the people that are inexperienced or just aren’t confident enough about their skills in action hack and slash games, there’s a new control scheme where players can use the touchscreen of the Wii U Gamepad, giving players to the ability to do combos and movements with a quick tap on the screen. Speaking of the gamepad, the gamepad is used pretty well, aside from the off-TV play, the gamepad can also be used for menus, and is especially useful when changing equipment, as you can just drag and drop weapons to the limbs that will be using it.

Bayonetta 2’s replayability is decent. There are a lot of stuff that can be unlocked by replaying a few chapters or by fulfilling some conditions. There are even weapons that can be missed. There’s a lot of items that can be bought in the game’s store, but farming halos can get a bit boring and may feel like a chore, especially if you’re farming for the most expensive item, Rodin’s Ticket. Tag Climax also gives the game a reason to be played again even after finishing the game’s story mode, and is actually fun with friends and even with strangers.

After all is said and done, Bayonetta 2 is just a great addition to anyone’s Wii U library, if not a must-have. Everything that was beautiful about the first game was made even more beautiful in Bayonetta 2. Finding flaws in this game can prove to be very hard, and it’s tough to come along game’s that can do that nowadays. Despite the early whiplash this game received for being a Wii U exclusive, they just went out to prove that no matter where this game will go to, this is going to be an awesome game that you will need to play.

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Destiny Expansion Pack II: House Of Wolves Mon, 27 Apr 2015 02:38:55 +0000 A lot of people weren’t exactly happy with Destiny at first (which makes the name kind of spot on), since it stands for a lot of the practices in micro-transactions and the “always-on” policy that most gamers have yet to get accustomed to; nevertheless, Destiny is a compelling game with a lot of fun elements to enjoy, and which comes as a breath of fresh air by Bungie.

Perhaps the biggest complaint on this game is the fusion between the game and its website, which requires gamers to log in to read the backstory of a lot of the situations that they will encounter in the game; and, while this idea got a bit of a cold reception at first, the fact that it offered that level of variety to keep players entertained both inside and outside of the consoles was at least interesting enough (after all, someone did sit down to write the whole thing) to read while taking a break from daily activities.

But you are not here to read about the game’s story or its reception, you are here because of the new Expansion Pack: House of Wolves which will be available for download on May 19th, 2015 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

Let’s address the fact that the name sounds like something pertaining to Game of Thrones, since it appears off on a game about space and planetary exploration, but the title is merely a tease about all the things that you can find within this expansion.

What can you expect from House Of Wolves?

Well, as with most packs these days, there will be some sweet gear options added to outfit your character with; regardless of its class, as well as new backstories, which carry the well-made elements of the game in their presentation and different levels of efficiency.

The gear options players will be able to get are close to sixty different armors, helmets, gloves and boots; while there will be about fourteen new weapons for players to obliterate their enemies with.

All of these items will be available from vendors or as rewards after finishing a quest or mission; thus, giving Destiny’s players more reasons to keep besting their opponents in battle, which means that the level of entertainment planned for “House of Wolves” will keep players invested; after all, a reward is better when some hardship had to be overcome, instead of just having everything available from the get-go.


There is also another addition that some gamers will find more interesting than others, but that appeals to the visual constructs of the game just as much as the costumes (if not more), this is of course: the spaceships.

The new ships will have new names, new parts and will allow players to better express their character’s personalities in-game (after all, Destiny is about role playing).

Lastly, the adventure this expansion offers is an exciting one story-wise, as it centers on the return of The Fallen which causes the powers that be to summon Guardians and give them the option to fight the old threat and destroy it to gain the glory and riches that can be found in The Reef.

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Triad Wars PC Preview Mon, 27 Apr 2015 02:13:28 +0000 In 2012 Square Enix partnered up with United Front games to release a title called Sleeping Dogs. This game puts you as an undercover cop Wei Shen trying to infiltrate and bring down the triads. But the folks over at United Front thought “What about making this game online and instead of being a cop you could be an enforcer for a triad.” And with that concept Triad Wars was born.

You start by creating a character and customizing your look although it is limited and you can only play a male so far. Then you figure out which triad you want to belong to as each has a racket that specializes in some task. If you want to specialize in gambling Shing Wo is the triad that allows you to even manage cock fighting events. Want to be able to counterfeit money and other types of merchandise then you will join the ranks of the 18k. Love to shake down people and be feared then Sun On Yee is the triad that will let you extort to your hearts content. Each of the triads will not only affect what rackets you can run but also the way your character looks as each have their own visual style.

Once you have selected your triad and the way your character will look you are thrust into the tutorial. The tutorial covers everything that you will be doing in game such as close quarters combat, driving and raiding other bosses. Hand to hand combat is a mix of various martial arts styles with a variety of punches, kicks and take downs.


Every time you take out an enemy or complete a mission you will gain XP and once you gain enough you will gain a level. Gaining a level in this game does two things first it allows you to put points into various upgrades that can either be for you or your gang. These upgrades will give you more health, quicker strikes, more damage, etc. Also gaining a level unlocks a new skill that you can use for example when you upgrade to level 1 you get a flying tackle. This new move allows you tackle an enemy to the ground to get the upper hand in combat. There are other weapons you can use such as hand to hand weapons (knives, etc), one handed weapons (pistols) and two handed weapons (shotguns, smgs, etc).

One of the things you can do is raid other bosses and to do that you can just go to their territory and start a raid. However, you also have the choice to take down other operations as well that will not only give you more XP but boost the amount of time you will have during your raid. You will want to take down both operations as you will need all the time you can get to fight your way to the boss. If you can make it past all the guards and enemies to the boss and defeat him you will gain respect. If you can’t beat him in the allotted time you will lose face and respect as well. Once you gain enough respect you might be elected Dragon Head which is the kingpin of your triad but doing so also makes you a bigger target so you will need back up and plan carefully.


There are other events that happen in the world that you can take part in as well. Most of these are just defeating a bunch of gangsters and once you do you will obtain a favor. Favors are an important part in this game as they will not only shorten the amount of time for certain activities but unlock new content as well. Vehicles and weapons can be unlocked and these will give you more of an edge in your raids on other players.

Also the police are a big factor in this game as you simply cannot go on an open street and start shooting people. The cops will come and you will need to evade and outrun them either on foot or in a vehicle. The detection system is similar to that of Grand Theft Auto whereas if they lose sight of you they start searching for you and if you lose them they’ll abandon the search.

Triad Wars currently is in closed beta and while the game is fun to play right now it is really rough around the edges. This game will be free to play and to get in on the action right now head over to and get ready to make a name for yourself in  Hong Kong.

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Star Wars Battlefront Preview Tue, 21 Apr 2015 18:18:00 +0000 Star Wars is certainly back in full force, and the slew of Star Wars games is on its way as well. The most promising is the reboot of the Star Wars Battlefront series, which brings FPS and third person shooting to the Star Wars universe, pitting rebels against storm troopers and Y-wing bombers against imperial walkers. Because this new title will be handled by Dice, the same developers behind the Battlefield series, players can expect to be able to get in the driver’s seat of countless classic star wars vehicles and possibly into new ones added into the universe by the upcoming The Force Awakens. However, Dice has maintained that this is not a conversion of a Battlefield game into a Star Wars setting, it has been built from the ground up to be a full standalone Star Wars game.

The first thing that stands out about Battlefront is the original trilogy setting, Endor, Hoth and Tatooine, and how the game captures the essence of the films setting while also looking new and stunningly beautiful. Dice achieved this by getting access to Lucas films’ archives and documenting and photographing countless props. They then uploaded these photographs and created 3D models for use in game so that AT-AT walker is built off a picture of the original models used in the movies. The team also went to many of the trilogy’s locations to ensure that the forests of Endor felt authentic. An underappreciated aspect of Dice games is sound quality; it is evident in any Battlefield game but watching the trailer for Battlefront put a smile on my face as all of the classic sounds from the blasters to the specific engine noise of the speeders and the clanking of the walkers just sounded so right. Of course there was a heavy dose of added combat sounds such as soldiers shouting to each other and more explosions to bring out the battle experience. The game has made no mention of the prequel movies and seems to be staying far away from them, could potentially be DLC or a possible setting for a sequel.

The game will be available for PS4 Xbox One and PC, and foregoing past systems allows Dice to push their engine to the limit and make what looks like a very good looking game. It was nice to see “game engine” footage from the trailer but actual gameplay trailers will give us a more accurate feel for the quality. For those who care, Battlefront will run at a smooth 60 FPS across all systems. The total map count has been confirmed as at least 8, likely more and with two free DLC maps coming out set on the desert planet of Jakku from the upcoming film. Though several ships have been announced such as X wings, Y Wings, Tie fighters and the Millennium Falcon, there will be no space battles. The focus is going to be firmly on tactical land battles. There will be no traditional campaign, though players will be able to fight battles against bots and go through a missions mode, with split screen support on consoles.

Battlefront comes out November 17th in the U.S. and there is plenty to be excited about. So far we have seen playable characters such as Darth Vader and Boba Fett, but more are sure to come especially to the rebel side. The villains of Star Wars are so iconic, so I wonder who Dice will choose for the rebel side. We are sure to get a few additional vehicles and we only know that we can expect basic blaster rifles and pistols, but there are sure to be countless class specific weapons and gadgets similar to the portable force field seen in the trailer. With a host of Weapons Dice has also promised “authentic customization” meaning there will be plenty of setting fitting options but you won’t be able to give Darth Vader a camo cape or a pink helmet. Battlefront could kick off the new era of Star Wars with a huge bang and I am beyond excited to blow up an AT-AT, or see if I can trip one up with my tow cables; maybe some of you are leaning more towards being a storm trooper or Boba Fett.

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5 Reasons to Upgrade to the Upcoming Windows 10 OS. Fri, 17 Apr 2015 21:40:27 +0000 With Windows 8 essentially being a failure, Windows 10 is striving to get back to the classic features of Windows. Many people might be wary of trusting a new version of Windows, but here are some excellent reasons why you really should upgrade to Windows 10 when it releases this summer.

It’s Free

Microsoft knows that many people flat-out hated Windows 8, and that left many users firmly holding on to Windows 7. It might be hard to convince people to leave the safe and solid Windows 7, but Microsoft so badly wants to bring the majority of people to its new service that they are offering a free upgrade to all Windows 7-8.1 users for the first year of release. This is a big deal for you as you can upgrade that two-year old laptop to Windows 10 without worrying about how many years it has left.

It’s bringing back the Start Menu and making Classic Windows Better


One of the hated aspects of Windows 8 was the removal of the start menu that you could click on to bring up countless options from finding a program to in depth configuration. In Windows 8 these features were needlessly spread out and required multiple steps just to find simple settings like turning off your PC. Windows 10 brings back the start menu and makes it even better, you can now have some of those Windows 8 live tiles hovering next to your start menu in a very unobtrusive way, and you can use the traditional start search bar in a variety of new ways. The desktop functionality has also been improved with better multitasking features including options for multiple virtual desktops. Lovers of Windows 7 should feel right at home with this and those few that enjoyed Windows 8 will see some of the best features still there.

It’s bringing Cortana to the PC


Those who have Windows phones know that their virtual assistant, Cortana, is pretty awesome. Now Cortana can assist users on the PC and can sync across all Windows 10 devices. Similar to Google Now and Siri, Cortana can answer questions, set reminders and write emails and is constantly being improved. Having Cortana available on the PC will allow us to fully utilize her service and carry over knowledge of dates and appointments from the PC to your phone, tablet of work PC.

It’s Replacing Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is doomed; It will be included with Windows 10 mainly for legacy support, while the new Project Spartan browser aims to be everyone’s default browser. If you haven’t seen any previews for Spartan you should as it looks like the ideal browser for the modern internet. Sure it’s loaded with innovative features like the reading mode or the ability to take and save notes on a webpage, but the real draw is the focus on speed and efficiency. It is built on a new engine with a forward thinking philosophy to prepare Spartan for the future of the internet. At release it promises to be lighting quick while drawing far less battery and processing power than other browsers. From under the hood specifics to showy new features, Project Spartan looks sure to be a hit.

It has more focus on gaming


Windows 7 was good for PC gamers, Windows 8 seemed to not give a care for gaming and initial releases saw multiple compatibility issues. Windows 10 actually has a vocal focus on improving gaming. A big feature is the new DirectX 12 which has already been shown to make huge leaps as far as limiting power consumption and improving frame rate and overall performance. The Xbox One will also see Windows 10 and only stands to gain from the new update. Xbox users will have more interconnectivity between their Xbox and their PCs with one big feature being the ability to stream Xbox games through a Windows 10 PC, useful for crowded living room TV Xboxes. Other features promise easier gameplay recording and cross-platform game play with the upcoming Fable game being the first to utilize PC-Xbox One cross play.

It will be a Universal Experience


Even if you fully bought in to Windows in the past few years you might find big differences between windows phones, tablets PCs and the Xbox. That’s because they all ran Windows differently or had apps developed differently for them. With Windows 10 all devices really should have a same feel with the exception of perhaps the Xbox as that is such a uniquely purposed device anyway. App developers for Windows 10 are being nudged in the direction of universal apps which allows one single app program to fit and run the same way over any Windows 10 device. Users on a tablet will have the option of switching from a touch optimized tablet mode to a full windows desktop experience indistinguishable from a PC mainly because it is the same software. Those using powerful enough Windows phones could have the ability to dock them to a screen, keyboard and mouse and use them like a PC with Office apps that run exactly the same as they can on a full desktop PC. This compatibility will make it easier for users to get the most from going all in with Windows PC, tablets, phones and other devices. Overall Windows 10 is going to great lengths to repair the damage from Windows 8 and strives not to be the operating system you need, but the operating system you really want.

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